Safety and Energy Saving Commercial Window Tinting

Sun based window film blocks around 80% of the sun's warmth and drastically bring down air conditioning costs. In winter, the same sun powered window film will hold inside warmth and decrease heating expenses. The arrival on venture genuinely is great. Call us to find out, how you can get liberal money refunds when you have sun powered control window film installed.

Cool Shades's commercial window tinting solution will help to reduce the annoying glare of the sun's reflection off the swimming pool and a fresh blanket of snow. Also this window film will increase privacy, without concern that who is looking in you can enjoy the beauty of outdoor.

Commercial window tinting feature of Cool Shades :

  • Excellent solar-heat & glare rejection
  • Up to 99% UV rejection
  • High-tech exterior appearance
  • High value - best ROI
  • Daytime privacy
  • Low solar absorption - suitable for double glazing
cool shades
Save Energy, Protect You, and Your Family From Harmful UV Rays.

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